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Educational Simulations
Our simulations require the Adobe Shockwave Plugin. Download it here.

The Virtual Anesthesia Machine
The original interactive model driven web simulation of an anesthesia machine with visualization of gas flows inside a generic traditional anesthesia machine.
Updated Frequently
The APSF Anesthesia Machine Workbook
A free 50-page anesthesia machine workbook with structured exercises for instructional use or self-paced learning.
Available in Chinese, English, German, Italian and Korean.
Last Updated November 2002
The Virtual Fabius GS
An interactive model driven web simulation of the Draeger Fabius GS anesthesia system, user interface, fresh gas flow decoupling, and compliance compensation.
Last Updated December 2002
Physics Tutorials
A concept tutorial that provides visual insight into the physics of two-dimensional collisions. Designed for undergraduate physics programs.
Last Updated December 2003
Interactive Airway Tutorials
Animated airway tutorials on the Lighted stylet (Lightwand), Bullard laryngoscope, UpsherScope, and the Combitube.
These tutorials are designed as practical and quick references.
Last Updated January 2001
Smart Nanostructures for Ultra-selective Drug Transport
An animated presentation created for the University of Florida's Department of Chemistry and the Department of Anesthesiology.
Press the space bar to progress through the presentation.
Last Updated June 2002
Tracheal Pressure Ventilation Control (TPVC)
An animated presentation created for Dr. Banner of the University of Florida's Department of Anesthesiology.
Last Updated April 2001
Jury Education
A set of animations performed for counsel to educate a jury about different modes of ventilation and used successfully in a court room setting. Not posted for confidentiality reasons.
Last Updated January 2001

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